Facts & History

The BAGEL, the roll with a hole, is golden brown and crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside. While the bagel is humorously defined as "a doughnut with rigor mortis", or "the doughnut with a college education," the bagel ranks among the most delicious, most versatile of baked goods.

The similarity to doughnuts ends with the shape. Bagels have significantly fewer calories than doughnuts and far greater versatility (they may be eaten plain or combined with an endless range of other foods). Bagels have existed for over 400 years. Named for the German world "breugel", meaning "a round loaf of bread", it is traditionally believed to bring good luck and long life.

From the Press

"Totally baked is good, especially fresh every morning, as are the Bagel Bakery's flagship circles of doughy goodness, bound to calm the familiar beast called hunger. Nearly 20 various bagels and nine different cream cheeses create an almost-endless list of combinations, before you customize by way of deli favorites – ham, turkey or pastrami, among others – or elect to select a signature bagel sandwich. For veggie lovers, the super seed bagel with fresh alfalfa sprouts, tomato, red onion and creamy avocado knows no peer on the Peninsula. Fast service and affordable pricing only help to makin' this bakin' the Best of Monterey County. "Monterey County Weekly, April, 2011

Bagel Maintenance

STORAGE: Because our bagels have NO preservatives in them, they require special care:

If bagels are to be kept overnight, they should be stored in an air-tight plastic bag.

RE-HEATING: Stale bagels can be "restored" in several ways: OTHER HELPFUL HINTS: